Career Coach

Your personal workbook for a better career

By: Corinne Mills

ISBN: 9781844556410

256 pages


Available from September 2017

This workbook is like having a personal career coach. It’s filled with quizzes, questionnaires and check-lists to help job hunters and career changers discover their skills and strengths. Providing the latest career advice, it motivates graduates and working professionals alike to follow their dream.

Product Description

Bored with your job? Frustrated at work? Need a career change but don’t know what? Perhaps you’ve watched as colleagues have successfully fast-tracked or reinvented their careers and wished you could do the same.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied or stuck career-wise, then this book is radically going to change your prospects! How? You need your own one-to-one consultation with an inspiring careers coach – and that’s what you’ll find inside. This book will give you the tools to match your experience and skills to the exciting new career you dream of – and help you take the practical steps to make your career aspirations a reality.

Career Coach shows you how to take back control over your career. Using the latest career management techniques you’ll develop your own personal step-by-step action plan to achieving your career goals. This practical workbook takes you through a full career analysis in the same way as working with a real life specialist career coach. Follow the programme and complete the insightful quizzes and questionnaires to help you pinpoint your personal strengths and skills. It will show you how to explore your options, make smart decisions and then successfully implement your career plan.

Written by the UK’s leading career management expert, Corinne Mills, you can be sure you’re getting the best advice from someone who knows the job market inside out.

Motivating and inspiring, Career Coach shows you how to create the career you want.

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