Cut the cost of Uni

How to graduate with less debt

By: Gwenda Thomas

ISBN: 9781844555246

224 pages


Helping students to cut the cost of university, by providing comprehensive information on university budgeting and money-saving strategies. Includes information on what university funding is available, working to supplement an income, regional living costs and case studies of real-life student budgets.


Product Description

In 2012 tuition fees rose to £9,000 per year – £27,000 for your whole degree before any maintenance and living costs
Cut the Cost of Uni can help you reduce your student debt, apply for funding and manage your money throughout your degree. Discover budgeting tips and cost cutting strategies from a student money advisor, and fellow students who know the best ways to save money.
Cut the Cost of Uni includes all the information on fees, funding and great ideas to supplement your income while you’re at uni. All the information you’ll need to manage your money while you study is in this accessible and easy-to-read guide. It includes different student budgets for different areas in the UK, taking into account the cost of living for accurate and realistic budgets.
Inside find out:

  • What university really costs
  • Which courses have financial backing
  • How to apply for funding
  • Where you can save money at uni
  • How you can earn while you study
  • Learn how you can Cut the Cost of Uni