How They Made It

Inspirational stories of how others succeeded in their dream job and how you can too

By: Lucy Smith , Jessica Spencer

ISBN: 9781844554614

288 pages


How They Made It is a collection of inspirational stories of successful people in the most amazing jobs and careers, featuring interviews with high profile people. Their stories give new starters and people who want to change careers an insight into their dream jobs.


Product Description

How did Krishnan Guru-Murthy become one of the nation’s top newsreaders?

What’s it like competing against the best athletes in the world like Chris Tomlinson?

How did Michael Rosen become a famous poet and author?

How did these people land such amazing jobs in successful industries?

Find out in How They Made It. Where you can discover how successful individuals got to where they are today. From djing and screenwriting to professional photography, discover how you can ‘make it’ in your very own dream job. Written by recent graduates who have researched inspirational individuals from a variety of industries to interview and profile.

Whether you’re just starting out and trying to find the career path of your dreams or you’re bored with the 9-5 and need a career change, the team of graduate writers behind How They Made It give you a unique insight into some of the most sought after careers in the world.

Including first-hand interviews with musicians, chefs, a designer and a fashion editor- this book reveals the top tips for success in your career as well as an insight into what daily life really involves at the top. How They Made It is an inspirational read that will show you how 22 successful people followed their dreams and how you can too.