Practise & Pass 11+ Level Three: Practice Tests Variety Pack 1

By: Peter Williams

ISBN: 9781844552757

128 pages


Practise & Pass 11+: Practice Test Papers offer a practical opportunity for children to apply the knowledge acquired from the Discover and Develop levels. Presented in the same format as 11+ exams, the Practice Test Papers contain hundreds of brand new, authentic practise questions in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.


Product Description

Do you want your child to attend an independent or grammar school? Wondering how to give him or her the best possible chance of passing these exams?

Practise & Pass 11+: Practice Tests Variety Pack is a variety pack filled with hundreds of new, authentic practise questions in the same multiple choice format as the final exams. Designed for children who have completed the Discover and Develop levels, Practise & Pass 11+: Practice Tests Variety Pack is the final stage of the Practise & Pass 11+ series which allows your child receives a full programme of coaching needed to pass the 11+ exams. Competition is high and places are very limited in independent and grammar schools so Practise & Pass 11+: Practice Tests Variety Pack is an invaluable tool to give your child the head start they need.

This brand new Practise & Pass 11+ series has been developed in line with the current entrance exams so your children will be answering questions that are in an identical format and style to those that will be in the final test. Covering the four key subjects, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English, the series is split into three levels – Discover, Develop and Practice Test Papers.

After working through the Practise & Pass 11+ series your child will be fully prepared for the tests, have the edge over other applicants and be equipped with the best possible chance to get into the school of your choice.

Give your child the skills and experience to pass the 11+ exam with flying colours.