STEM Careers

A student’s guide to opportunities in science, technology, engineering and maths

By: Paul Greer

ISBN: 9781911067603

128 pages


Available from September 2017

An array of exciting career paths is open to those with STEM-based qualifications, currently there is a national shortage of STEM skills within the UK workforce. This guide offers advice when considering a STEM career – with a wealth of potential job ideas, information on the opportunities available at all levels.


Product Description

A vast array of exciting career paths is open to people with STEM-based skills and qualifications, yet there is currently a recognised national shortage of STEM skills within the UK workforce.

But what do we mean by ‘STEM’ and what career prospects does it offer? How do you find a job from among the wide variety of STEM-related fields that best matches your skills and interests? This guide will help you to answer these questions and assess all the options, providing a wealth of potential job ideas and an invaluable springboard for your future studies and career. Packed full of vital information and advice, STEM Careers offers everything students need to know about the opportunities available at all levels and taking the first steps towards a career in STEM.

Inside, read about:

  • In-depth examples of both well-known and lesser-known STEM careers
  • Details of qualification options, both academic and vocational, and entry routes from GCSE to PhD level
  • Real-life profiles of STEM employees and pioneers
  • Major employers and the key skills and qualities they look for
  • How to successfully prepare and apply for a career in STEM.


“Our world of work is changing and this book enables students to see the full range of exciting careers related to STEM subjects that are evolving. There are more opportunities available to enter STEM careers via Apprenticeships but this information can be confusing for students. This book clearly helps students see the value of studying STEM subjects and importantly how to use their subject interest to enter careers.”

Jo Bishop, Head of Careers, City and Islington Sixth Form College

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