Studying in the UK

A Guide for International Students

By: Cerys Evans

ISBN: 9781844555215

256 pages


Clear, comprehensive advice for international students wishing to study in the UK, explaining how to apply, the structure of the UK higher education system, how courses are taught and what funding is available for overseas students, including finding accommodation and registering with a doctor.


Product Description

More than 370,000 students from overseas come to study in the UK every year at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. As an international student wanting to study in the UK, you’ll understandably have many questions:

Why choose the UK to study in?
How are university courses taught in the UK?
And what funding is available for students from overseas?

Studying in the UK provides all the answers to these and more, giving you the best advice on understanding, making the most of, and ensuring success during your time as an overseas student at a UK university. Divided into clear sections on undergraduate study, postgraduate study and advice on living in the UK as a student, Studying in the UK uniquely gives a comprehensive overview of the complete UK higher education process – from applying to a UK university and getting a study visa to finding student accommodation and making friends.

Studying in the UK also includes case studies from current international students revealing their own experiences of studying as an overseas student in a UK university, as well as advice on how to budget, what to expect from university lifestyle in the UK and the options available on completion of the university degree course.

UK degrees are justly esteemed around the world and it’s important to ensure you have the best chance of success, not to mention enjoyment, by understanding the cultural shift before making the move – whether you’re from China, India, France or Nigeria.

Studying in the UK is that vital resource, ensuring you know exactly what to expect throughout your time at a UK university – both on and off campus.