What do employers really want?

When I was first writing this book, I asked employers what they wanted from young recruits to their organisations. What made them select one applicant over another?  I wanted a fresh perspective so I focused on small- to medium-size companies rather than large organisations, many of which have comprehensive recruitment schemes for young people. I… Read more »

What should work experience in schools look like in 2017?

Experience of work in schools has changed: five years ago it was all about a fixed week of work experience; today, it’s all about multiple encounters with employers. However schools decide to approach the issue, work-related experiences are essential for students’ self-awareness and understanding of the world of work. Working out what you do (or… Read more »

What does the future hold?

In January, thoughts naturally turn to the year ahead. What will the year bring? What kinds of resolutions will be made? Anyone who supports young people to make career choices has to spend a lot of time looking forwards. We might be supporting teenagers to apply to university or apprenticeships, or trying to anticipate what… Read more »

How to get the insight that employers demand

It’s hard to secure an apprenticeship, school-leaver scheme or certain university courses without insight into work, but there are plenty of programmes out there to help. Along the way, these experiences might just inspire, raise aspirations and broaden a young person’s outlook. If your students hope to work with some of the UK’s most well-known… Read more »