7 questions to find out where you are now with your careers programme

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by David Andrews and Tristram Hooley

Your most important role as a careers leader is to oversee the whole careers programme and help to organise everyone involved in it. The first of the Gatsby Benchmarks is focused on this and provides some useful guidance which will help you to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of your programme.  But what is the process of programme development which will help you to build an outstanding programme?

Where are you already?

The first task in building your careers programme is deciding where you and the school or college are already. Key to this is taking a hard look at yourself and considering whether you have the skills and knowledge that you need to drive the programme forwards.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is your experience of careers education and guidance?
  • What do you feel your strengths and weakness are as you assume the role of careers leader?
  • Who do you have that you can ask for help and advice?
  • Do you feel that you know what careers activities are taking place in the school already? If not, how can you find this out?
  • What do you think that the school or college does well or badly with respect to careers?
  • What policies, programmes and documents are written down already about careers in your school or college?
  • What kind of profile does your careers programme have within the school/college and with external stakeholders?
Resources – Compass

Compass is a free, voluntary self-review tool for assessing your careers programme. It is hosted by The Careers & Enterprise Company and designed to provide you with a quick assessment of how you are doing against the Gatsby Benchmarks.  Ideally you will complete Compass at least once a year and use the feedback that it gives you to drive your development plan.

You can also watch a free webinar on meeting Gatsby Benchmark 1 here.

Content from The Careers Leader Handbook: How to create an outstanding careers programme for your school or college (9781844556526).

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