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Work your Way Around the World

Susan Griffith

Providing essential information for anyone working while they travel,...


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The University Choice Journal

Barbara Bassot

Packed with activities and probing questions on key topics...


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Your Gap Year

Susan Griffith

A comprehensive handbook for young people considering a gap...


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Finding your first job

Finding that first job can be tough. In a vicious circle of no experience, no job, no experience, where should you start? Something to talk about So, what have you done with your life so far? Perhaps you’re a busy achiever with activities each and every day. Or maybe you’re a quiet homebody who likes… Read more »

Whose CPD is a careers leader responsible for?

By David Andrews and Tristram Hooley Careers leaders in most schools will probably have at most one or two colleagues who they line manage: the careers administrator and, where schools employ their own internal careers adviser, the careers adviser. The situation is different in schools that have developed a ‘distributed leadership’ approach, with a senior,… Read more »

Sample mock interview questions for the Medical School student

Interview technique can be improved with practice. You can use the below as a source of mock interview questions for your Medical School interview. Your interviewer should ask supplementary questions as appropriate. Interview questions generally fall into the following categories. Background and motivation for medicine: Can you tell us about any particular life experiences that… Read more »

What to Expect from your Career Guidance Interview

Careers Advisor

By Oliver Jenkin Whether you are in Year 11 or 13 working towards GCSE or A Level exams, the chances are that at some point you will be offered (or will seek out) an interview with a professional Careers Adviser. This article seeks to help you get a better idea of what to expect from… Read more »

Step by step practicalities for applying to Oxbridge – a student’s guide

By Matthew Carmody So finally you are ready to apply. The next stage is arguably the one that causes students the most anxiety, until they are invited to interview of course. Your UCAS application will need to be submitted by the closing date for all Oxbridge applications of 6 p.m. on 15 October. Let’s go… Read more »

Planning a gap year? Some top tips and advice

Most good gap years comprise a medley of activities which complement one another, work and play, earning and spending, challenge and self-indulgence, worthiness and fun. The marketplace is full of companies offering structured gap years of all kinds that might include lemur-monitoring in Madagascar, teaching in China, orphanage placements in Ecuador, picking fruit in Australia,… Read more »

Writing your personal statement when applying for Business and Economics

You’ve decided that Business & Economics is the course for you, you have managed to whittle down your choices to your top five and are in the process of writing your UCAS application. Probably the most important part of your application is your personal statement. You are introducing yourself to the people that may be… Read more »

National Careers Week: Become an Economist

In honour of National Careers Week 2018, we’re profiling some of the latest jobs from Careers 2018. Next in the list of roles is Economist – download a PDF of this job profile here: Economist job profile Qualifications and courses Candidates with only a Foundation degree or HND will not be able to enter this… Read more »

Missed your uni offer? Don’t panic!

If your exam results surprised you – and not in a good way – and mean you’ve missed your uni offer, then you might feel like escaping to a desert island where the word ‘UCAS’ is not in the vocabulary. And you can: dress it up as a gap year, re-take a few exams and… Read more »

Involving volunteers in your careers provision

One would have to be comatose to miss the Government’s very vocal call urging schools to involve volunteers in providing careers information to our young people. So vocal in fact that they have backed up their idea with £20m to run the Careers & Enterprise Company (CEC) for 2 years. The CEC role is to… Read more »


The University Choice Journal

A brand new reflective journal to help your students make the right uni choices for them The University Choice Journal will support your students through the complete process of university decision-making. Split neatly into ten separate themes, covering everything from values and strengths to university visits and finances, the journal asks thought-provoking questions on each… Read more »


GCSE gap between rich and poor pupils has widened for the first time in recent years

The educational achievement gap between richer and poorer GCSE pupils has grown for the first time in recent years, as exam results showed one in three disadvantaged students hit the government’s GCSE pass target, compared with more than 60% of their peers. Last year’s exam figures show that changes to exam rules and league-table structure… Read more »

Latest UCAS data reveals record level gender gap in university admissions

The 2014 admissions data from UCAS shows that women entering university outnumbered men by record levels last year, with female applicants dominating entrance to medicine, law and biology undergraduate degrees. The data also revealed record numbers of acceptances for disabled students and Asian and black ethnic groups, with a falling volume of students from independent schools. Women have… Read more »