Meeting Gatsby Benchmark 1 – catch up on the webinar

Meeting Gatsby Benchmark 1
Every school and college should have a careers programme that is coherent, which supports young people to move through their education and on to the next stage of their life and equips them to manage their future progression through learning and work.  This programme is not just a collection of activities but a progressive pathway through a range of different career learning opportunities.
In our webinar on 25th September, Tristram Hooley looked at what your school’s programme should look like and how you can make it transparent for young people, their parents, employers and other key stakeholders.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording in our free Careers Leader Starter Pack now!

This is part of a series of free CPD webinars designed to help the new or established Careers Leader to understand the new statutory requirements for careers education and start working towards outstanding careers leadership that meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.

This series of eight webinars, from Tristram Hooley and David Andrews, the authors of The Careers Leader Handbook, take you through the careers leader role and meeting the Gatsby benchmarks.

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