National Employability Day – free guide for university careers support services

By Tristram Hooley and Korin Grant

Download this free supplementary guide to support using the Graduate Career Handbook within career support and employability programmes.

We know that many students don’t worry about their careers until it is too late. We also know that most universities recognise this and have developed a range of career and employability support services. This free guide is part of The Graduate Career Handbook, designed for the people who are delivering careers support at universities.

It will show you how to make use of The Graduate Career Handbook as part of your university’s employability support service.

We have written this guide for both academics who are delivering employability modules within the curriculum and career and employability professionals who may be working in the curriculum, delivering services centrally, running skills awards and/or providing workshops and advice and guidance.

In order to get the most out of this guide, you will need to buy a copy of The Graduate Career Handbook.

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