DfE departmental plan: preparing young people for adult life

The DfE departmental plan 2015 to 2020 tracks the department’s progress towards achieving its priority objectives.

The plan highlights three overarching objectives for achievement during this parliament, the third of these is that young people should be prepared for adult life:

All 19-year-olds should complete school or college with the skills and character to contribute to the UK’s society and economy and are able to access high-quality work or study options

The plan goes on to say:

We want young people to leave school ready to succeed in modern Britain, to be able to get a great job and to contribute to the security of our country’s economy.

To make sure young people get the skills they need, we’ll transform professional and technical education, ensuring that it is a high-quality prestigious alternative to academic study post-16. We’ll enable 3 million apprenticeship starts by 2020 and require schools to promote apprenticeships on a par with university or sixth-form studies.

A summary of how they are going to achieve this includes:

  • working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to enable 3 million apprenticeship starts by 2020, ensuring that they deliver the skills employers need
  • creating clear, high-quality technical and professional routes to employment and supporting 16- and 17-year-olds not in education, employment or training (NEET) and to those who risk becoming so
  • working with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to enable Jobcentre Plus advisers to work with schools and colleges to supplement careers advice and provide routes into work experience and apprenticeships
  • supporting schools to help develop character in pupils through initiatives such as increasing the number of cadet units in schools
  • facilitating access to high-quality careers support
  • working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to continue to replace lower-level, classroom-based further education courses with quality apprenticeships that combine training with experience of work and a wage
  • encouraging schools to promote the opportunities offered by the National Citizens Service to support the government in their commitment to reach 60% participation by 16-year-olds in 2020

To read the report in full go to the Gov.uk website