House of Lords Select Committee publish report on the transition from school to work

The House of Lords Select Committee on Social Mobility has published a report on the transition from school to work.

The report finds that the 53% of young people who do not follow the ‘traditional’ academic route into work are significantly overlooked in their transition to work by the education system and that the focus on apprenticeships is not suitable for everyone.

The recommendations in Overlooked and Left Behind: Improving the Transition from School to Work for the Majority of Young People, include:

  • The National Curriculum should stop at the age of 14, rather than 16, and the 14–19 age range should be recognised as a single key transition stage.
  • There should be a new gold standard in independent careers advice and guidance, which moves responsibility away from schools and colleges.
  • The Government should act as a facilitator, brokering collaboration between existing local bodies such as colleges, schools, local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and employers in order to meet the needs of local labour markets.
  • A Cabinet-level minister should take responsibility for the transition from school to work for young people, as responsibility currently falls between a number of departments and ministers.

As part of its inquiry, the Committee conducted an online survey to find out more about the experiences of young people in their transition into work. The results of this survey have been published alongside the Committee’s report, and can be read in detail here.