Ofsted report on enterprise education published

The Getting Ready for Work report from Ofsted was published today.

This examines how secondary schools are preparing young people for the world of work through enterprise education and work-related learning. It looks at how schools are working with local businesses and also looks in detail at the way apprenticeship programmes are promoted in schools.

Key recommendations for schools are that they should:

  • ensure that there is a coherent programme to develop enterprise education, including the economic and business knowledge, understanding and skills of all pupils
  • develop stronger links with business by using local networks provided by, for example, the chambers of commerce and LEPs, and set clear objectives for the intended outcomes of these partnerships
  • make the most effective use of the expertise of their specialist teachers in delivering these programmes and ensure that all teachers involved in delivery have access to appropriate professional development
  • ensure that these programmes have effective mechanisms for monitoring and assessing progress in relation to developing knowledge, understanding and skills

And that Ofsted should:

  • ensure that inspection judgements take greater account of the coherence and rigour with which schools prepare pupils for employment and self employment.

Read the full report.