Careers 2019

Careers 2019

The bestselling annual jobs directory

ISBN: 9781911067894

640 pages


Providing fresh career ideas for students and answering essential questions through accessible and comprehensive job profiles, Careers is the preferred jobs directory for students and careers advisers. Covers all types of jobs from catering and hospitality to healthcare and includes new jobs such as Barista and YouTuber, with detailed facts about each job.


Product Description

From jobs in IT and the NHS to apprenticeships and engineering, give students a head start in their job search with this impressive guide to career choices.

The only annually updated careers directory, the new 15th edition features new jobs including YouTuber, eBay Seller, Cyber Security Expert, Software Tester, Robotics Engineer, PE Teacher and Barista.

With in-depth job profiles that highlight essential requirements and conditions of the role, students are given a comprehensive overview so they can find a job that is a good fit for them.

Each job profile contains:
  • Qualifications and courses required
  • Personal skills and attributes needed
  • Salaries
  • Working conditions and future prospects
  • Pros and cons of each job
  • Related jobs

Arranged alphabetically by job sector, Careers 2019 opens up a range of opportunities for students giving them the knowledge to pursue a career that is right for them.

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