Work your Way Around the World

By: Susan Griffith

ISBN: 9781844556472

400 pages


Providing essential information for anyone working while they travel, from potential job opportunities to background information on culture and lifestyle in each country, plus all the vital advice covering work permits, visas and medical information.


Product Description

Travelling the world is something everyone should do. But a trip of a lifetime does come at a cost, and if you don’t want to wait years saving, then Work your Way around the World is for you.

For gap years, summer jobs, volunteering or jobs abroad, Work Your Way Around the World is the number one guide for the self-funded world traveller’ providing all the information you need to successfully find work abroad. Choose from hundreds of potential job opportunities, from a ski instructor in the Alps or a teacher in Italy, to picking strawberries in Denmark or farming in Louisiana. Also includes all the essential practical advice you need to safely travel the globe, such as work visas, medical information and permits.

Find Inside:

  • Hundreds of job opportunities across the globe
  • Insightful case studies from travellers who have been there and done it
  • Advice for applying and securing jobs abroad
  • Culture and lifestyle information by country

Discover how to fund your trip around the world without breaking the bank.

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