Preparing to talk about University choice at the personal guidance interview

Careers Advisor

The Careers and Enterprise Company published a report last month called ‘Personal Guidance: What Works?’ written by Julia Everitt, Siobhan Neary, Marco Antonio Delgardo Fuentes and Lewis Clark.

In this report, the personal guidance interview is discussed and it is suggested that preparatory worksheets or workbooks would be useful to help students get the most out of the interview by doing some guided thinking beforehand.

..students should be informed in advance about the nature of personal guidance and asked to prepare some information that will be relevant to the interview (e.g. creating a CV or list of interests). One way to achieve this would be to create a preparatory worksheet or workbook. This kind of preparation will enable students to reflect prior to their appointment and allow key issues to be surfaced more quickly in the personal guidance session.‘  From Personal Guidance: What Works?

The University Choice Journal helps students to reflect by taking them through thought-provoking questions and exercises with plenty of room to record notes throughout.  Download free reflective activities to use with your students and buy copies of the journal (from £4.95) to record their own thoughts in the run up to their personal guidance interview.

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