Choosing Your Degree Course & University

Choosing Your Degree Course & University

Brian Heap
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ISBN: 9781844556021

Having trouble deciding what to study at university? With over 1,200 degree subjects and 55,000 courses to choose from it’s impossible to know where to start. Don’t worry, help is at hand.

University expert Brian Heap helps you decide what and where to study, so that when the time comes to fill in your UCAS application you’ll be prepared. Whether you want to find the best universities in the UK or discover the range of uni courses for a particular subject Brian Heap shows you how to narrow down your options and build a shortlist of your ideal subjects, courses and universities, – so you can pick the best course and uni for you.

Every year thousands of students lose money changing courses or universities because they made the wrong choice. Make sure this isn’t you and discover the top UK universities and the best choice for you.


  • Picking the right course to improve your career prospects
  • Shortcuts to find out which universities offer your chosen subject
  • How to choose the best uni for YOU

“A quick and easy reference source to all major university degree courses offered in the UK” - Careers Adviser

“The guru of university choice” - The Times