Let’s show more respect for non-academic training and education

Some things in life are inevitable: swallows migrating; dodgy bank holiday weather; toast falling butter-side down. Also inevitable is the release of the A-level and GCSE results being followed by a swarm of media pundits arguing about educational standards, and schools boasting about the number of their students who have gained university places. In 2001,… Read more »

How to get the insight that employers demand

It’s hard to secure an apprenticeship, school-leaver scheme or certain university courses without insight into work, but there are plenty of programmes out there to help. Along the way, these experiences might just inspire, raise aspirations and broaden a young person’s outlook. If your students hope to work with some of the UK’s most well-known… Read more »

Apprenticeships for school leavers: the big solution or a risky choice?

Not a month goes by without a host of (often contradictory) headlines about apprenticeships. News from October included the dramatic jump in the apprenticeship wage to £3.30 per hour, just as Ofsted shared their concerns about a proliferation of poor-quality, low-level apprenticeships. The Sutton Trust told us that apprentices with level 5 qualifications will earn… Read more »