The UCAS application: Tips on responding to offers

Here are a few tips to help guide you through the decision process. Decisions will arrive in a random order, possibly beginning a few weeks after you apply, so you should log in to Track periodically to check the status of your application. There are three main categories of decision: 1. Unconditional offer: no further… Read more »

The UCAS application: How to shine at interview

Many universities and colleges (especially the popular ones, running competitive courses) want to meet applicants and find out whether they would cope with the demands of the course before making an offer. What will you be asked? Interviews can take different forms – you could find yourself on your own in front of just one… Read more »

The UCAS application: Meeting the deadline

There are three deadlines for applications to courses through UCAS. They are 18.00 hours (UK time) on each of these dates: 15 October, 15 January and 24 March. The deadline for application to most courses is 18.00 hours (UK time), 15 January. (Remember, however, that you will have to submit your application to your referee… Read more »

Results Day – A Guide to Adjustment and Clearing for Careers Leaders

University Choice

Adjustment Adjustment might give students an opportunity to reconsider where and what to study. If they met all the conditions of their firm choice and exceeded at least one they could change their place for another course they may now prefer. Adjustment begins on A level results day and lasts until 31 August. If your… Read more »

UCAS application dates 2018 – applications after 30th June

UCAS application dates poster

If your students are applying to university, applications made after 30th June will go directly into Clearing, to be taken up by universities who have places to fill. 30 JUNE 2018 – applications received by UCAS after 30th June are entered into Clearing If you send your application by 18:00 on 30th June 2018, UCAS will… Read more »

Reflective activities to support university choice

University Choice

By Barbara Bassot Many students say that the process of university choice is challenging and here are some of the reasons why: 1. It’s complex – thinking about which university a student may want to go to involves lots of different things, such as where to study, what to study. 2. It’s time consuming –… Read more »

UCAS application dates poster 2019 now available

UCAS application dates 2019

Out now!  The 2019 key UCAS application dates poster has arrived! Don’t be without this infographic which gives you all of the important dates your students need for their UCAS application for 2019 entry.  Download and share as an infographic or print it and use it as a poster for your wall. Deadlines start rolling in… Read more »

UCAS application dates 2018 – 3rd May!

UCAS application dates poster

If your students are applying to university, today is another key date in the UCAS application process: 3 MAY 2018 – University/college decisions due on applications submitted by 15 January 2018 If you applied by 15th January and you’re still waiting, universities and colleges will decide whether they’re making an offer by 3rd May. If you… Read more »

Maximising your chances of getting offered a university place

Choose your course and institution carefully In the choices section of Apply (the UCAS application website) all your university/college choices (a maximum of five) are to be listed, but remember that you should not mix your subjects. For example, in popular subject areas such as English, History or Physiotherapy, it is safer to show total… Read more »

A level results day – what if things don’t go to plan?

University Choice

A level results day is a milestone date in the lives of young people and parents, involving an emotional rollercoaster of anticipation, nervousness, joy or despair, and for some, a time when plans have to be changed. You may do better than expected, and decide at the last minute that you want to go to… Read more »