The UCAS application: Meeting the deadline

There are three deadlines for applications to courses through UCAS. They are 18.00 hours (UK time) on each of these dates: 15 October, 15 January and 24 March.

The deadline for application to most courses is 18.00 hours (UK time), 15 January. (Remember, however, that you will have to submit your application to your referee well before this.) All applications submitted by 15 January are considered – however, it is advisable to apply as early as you can. This is because too many people apply after Christmas, during the two weeks leading up to the 15 January deadline; those who apply earlier may therefore receive a quicker decision simply because smaller numbers are being handled. Aim to submit your UCAS application to your referee by late November or by any internal deadline given by your school or college. You may apply after 15 January and universities and colleges may consider your application if they still have places– but they are not obliged to do so.

Some courses have an earlier application deadline:

  • applications for courses leading to professional qualifications in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science/medicine must be submitted by 18.00 hours (UK time) on 15 October
  • applications for all courses at the universities of Oxford or Cambridge must be submitted by 18.00 hours (UK time) on 15 October

These deadlines apply to all students, including those from outside the EU.

Some subjects have a later deadline:

  • the deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for art and design courses, except those listed with a 15 January deadline, is 18.00 hours (UK time) on 24 March. (If you apply for art and design courses with different deadlines, you can submit your application before 15 January for courses with that deadline, then add further choices before the 24 March deadline, unless you have already used all five choices.)

The diagram below has been designed to guide you through the different steps you will take when making your application for higher education, to help you meet the relevant deadline:

UCAS application















































Content from How to Complete your UCAS Application 2019 Entry, 9781911067863.

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