Practise & Pass 11+ Level One: Discover English

Practise & Pass 11+ Level One: Discover English

Peter Williams
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ISBN: 9781844552573

Do you want your child to attend a London school or an independent or grammar school? How do you give them the best chance at passing these exams?

Practising test questions and providing extra help and coaching in preparation for the 11+ entrance exam can be the difference between passing and failing. The 11+ test or similar entrance exams must be passed for children to gain entrance to London or grammar and independent schools. And with limited places and high competition at each school it’s vital to prepare your child so they have the best chance of gaining a place.

Discover English is for complete beginners, introducing children to 11+ English exam questions and tests so they can get the basics right first. Boasting expert coaching and guidance for both you and your child, Discover English clearly explains how to tackle English exam questions correctly and is filled with hundreds of brand new, authentic practise questions in the same multiple choice format as the final English exam. And when they’ve completed the Discover level make sure they move on to the next level, Develop, and lastly the Practise Test Papers so they receive a full programme of coaching needed to pass the 11+ English exam.

This Practise & Pass 11+ series has been developed in line with the current entrance exams so your children will be answering questions that are in an identical format and style to those that will be in the final test. Give your child the skills and experience to pass the 11+ exam with flying colours.


Published: 15 October 2010
Edition: 1st
Length: 128 pages
Dimensions: 29.7 x 0.5 x 21 cm
Weight: 260g