It all started with a simple idea...

Back in the late 1960s Brian Heap, an arts teacher at a northern grammar school, wanted to help his students know what grades their chosen universities actually required. In the days before UCAS and slick university websites, simple details like these were often a bit of a mystery. For the university applicant, knowing whether they had the right grades could become a nerve-wracking guessing game. A man on a mission, Brian began to contact universities directly (one by one), obtaining this data and compiling it for others to use.

In 1968 the first HEAP University Course Guide was published. As this annual guide gained the trust of teachers and students across the UK, Brian soon found himself dubbed ‘the guru of university choice’ by The Times, a status he has now retained for half a century with the HEAP Guide recently released in its 50th annual edition by Trotman Publishing.

Over the decades, Trotman grew to become a renowned publisher with a wide range of titles written by leading contemporary careers education influencers. Its twin missions: supporting students in making informed choices about their futures, and careers education professionals in providing first class careers guidance.

As the 21st century dawned, Trotman embraced the digital revolution by offering Careers and HEAP as digital products to schools, bridging the gap between vital careers data and the modern classroom. With this growing expertise in digital resources and a firmly established customer base in secondary schools nationwide, the blueprint for a new, exciting project had begun to emerge.

In 2018, Trotman launched Indigo as a comprehensive digital careers and university guidance platform for schools. At its foundation, the well of expertise from the HEAP and Careers publications alongside best-practice thinking from leading careers leaders and influencers such as Tristram Hooley.

In the summer of 2019, Indigo's growth saw it relocate from the stately city of Bath (and its shared home with Trotman Publishing) to the buzzing tech hub of Bristol, operating as a team in its own right. As a young and innovative company, Indigo is committed to continually developing new functionality and information into its edtech offering.

As Trotman Publishing and Indigo look forward to our next 50 years, we continue to hold the mission of Brian Heap at our core. We firmly believe that young people should be provided with all the information possible to give them the best possible start in planning their limitless futures. This vision forms the basis of everything we strive to achieve.