Meet The Author: Alan Redman

Dr Alan Redman is a Work & Organisational Psychologist and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society. He has over 25 years of experience designing psychometrics and recruitment assessments tools with Clevry UK Ltd for organisations and businesses.

Alan is a leading expert in the field of psychometric testing and has developed cognitive ability-tests, personality questionnaires, and assessment exercises, which employers use to help recruit and select the right people for roles in the UK, Europe, and across the world. In his day job, Alan works as the Head of Science & Technology with Clevry UK Ltd, one of the UK’s leading test publishers and business psychology consultancies.  

Dr Alan is a Fellow of Birkbeck College, University of London, where his research interests focus on the psychology of cycle-commuting; understanding how behaviour change happens in relation to decisions to ride to work. 

You may spot him in all weathers cycling from the South Downs to the sea on his way to the Clevry offices. He has been seduced by the complicated joys of cycling up steep hills; his time in the saddle has given him a thousand-yard-stare, a determined set to his jaw, and oily fingernails.