Meet The Author: Ben Rowland

Ben Rowland Photo

Ben Rowland is a leading expert and advisor on apprenticeships and post-school options

Ben founded the pioneering apprenticeships programme, Arch Apprentices, in 2012. Spurred on by a desire to bring world-class educational standards to apprenticeships, this unique training provider created ground-breaking new apprenticeships in occupations such as digital marketing and advertising. Arch was a recognised innovator in apprenticeship programme delivery and persuaded companies such as Google and Facebook to embrace apprenticeships for the first time.  Ben worked with hundreds of small businesses, government departments, NHS Trusts and charities as Arch grew to be the eighth biggest provider of apprenticeships in the UK, supporting tens of thousands of young people to take their first few steps in their new careers. Ben also served for 5 years on the government's Apprenticeship Stakeholder Board, advising on apprenticeship implementation. 

Since 2019, when Ben helped Arch Apprentices to merge with fellow learning provider, Avado Learning, he has been working as an independent consultant, advising a range of organisations on their careers, development, learning and change programmes.   

Prior to starting Arch, Ben founded RSe Consulting, a boutique consultancy firm subsequently acquired by Tribal Group plc, and was Chair of Toynbee Hall, the social action charity, for 6 years. 

Ben is a passionate advocate for vocational education and what it can offer to individuals, employers and society.He holds two university degrees and understands the value of higher education.  He is committed to providing young people – and their families – with the objective information and insight they need to navigate their post-school options.