Meet The Author: Karen Holmes


After thirty years writing about employment, Karen is passionate about the need for education, training and fulfilling careers for everyone.

Writer, editor, teacher, trainer (waitress, au pair, cleaner, retail assistant, journalist, trained Egyptian dancer) – Karen has worked in many disciplines and many countries. Her interest lies in preparing young people for work and helping them to move from education to employment. She is particularly enthusiastic about apprenticeships, which provide hands-on experience plus education and training. She wants to see less emphasis on ‘getting a degree’ and more on being enthusiastic and capable in the workplace, whatever your level of education.  

She has authored many books, including a number of careers’ titles, and has been writing learning materials for employers and academic institutions for more than thirty years. 

Now based in south-west France, she is still keeping a close eye on the job market and the education system in the UK.



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