Meet The Author: Ray Le Tarouilly

Ray le Tarouilly

With over 30 years working as a careers adviser, Ray’s experience covers young people age 13 to 19, through to adults. He has extensive knowledge of learning pathways including further and higher education, as well as job hunting skills. A published author, Ray is also a frequent contributor to media based events about career based topics and has been a guest speaker at numerous public information sessions including careers and skills fairs.


Ray has worked in the careers guidance sector for over 30 years. He has extensive experience of providing information, advice and guidance to young people in schools and colleges, as well as adults in further education and those looking for employment or contemplating a return to education. More recently he has written publications for the publisher Trotman and has specialist knowledge of further and higher education. Currently working for the National Careers Service, Ray has written and delivered numerous webinars on a wide range of career related topics, including information sessions for parents & carers nationally on preparing for examination results days. He has made many appearances on local radio stations, answering career related questions, in particular around apprenticeships, further and higher education on A level and GCSE results days.

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