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Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd Announces Publishing Partnership with Career Development Institute (CDI)

Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd is pleased to announce its formal partnership with the Career Development Institute (CDI), a leading professional body for the career development sector. This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone for both organisations, underscoring their shared commitment to advancing careers guidance and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

The partnership between Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd and the Career Development Institute (CDI) will leverage the strengths of both organisations to develop innovative resources and initiatives that enhance career guidance practices and support professional development within the sector. With Trotman's extensive publishing experience and the CDI's career development expertise and insights, the collaboration aims to address the evolving needs of career professionals and learners.

Key Information about the Partnership:

  • Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd and the CDI will work together with the aim of publishing up to seven titles a year in the collection by 2026.
  • Claire Johnson, Head of Professional Development and Standards, will oversee the publications on the CDI side.
  • Alexandra Price, Senior Commissioning Editor, will oversee the publications for Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd
  • The first two titles publishing in the series later this year are The Career Development Handbook by Professor Tristram Hooley, Dr Gill Frigerio, and Dr Rosie Alexander and Career Development and Inclusive Practice by Jules Benton and Chris Targett.

"We’re delighted to have entered into a publishing partnership agreement with the CDI," said Sarah Campbell, Managing Director at Trotman Indigo Publishing Ltd. "For over half a century, Trotman has established itself as a renowned and trusted publisher in the careers guidance sector. It is committed to helping everyone – whatever their background or circumstances – fulfil their career potential. Collaborating with such a highly regarded and influential partner as the CDI represents an exciting next step for us as we continue with our ambitious plans for expansion."

David Morgan, Chief Executive of the CDI, stated, “As the professional body for career development, the CDI is thrilled to partner with Trotman in this publishing agreement. By collaborating to publish this new series, we aim to provide high-quality resources for career development professionals to enhance the provision of careers education, information, advice, and guidance for young people and adults across the UK. These publications will support careers professionals from initial studies to championing excellence in the field."