Student Essentials: Critical Thinking
Student Essentials: Critical Thinking

Student Essentials: Critical Thinking

Trotman Indigo Publishing
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ISBN: 9781844552740

Students! Need to improve your critical thinking for top marks? Learn the core analytical skills for critical thinking...

Student Essentials: Critical Thinking – in one hour helps you master the essentials of this core study skill in just 60 minutes. If you are studying for an undergraduate degree at university, critical thinking and analysis is imperative when studying and can often be the difference between an acceptable grade and a great grade.

This book will help you develop the key essentials of this crucial skill in just one hour so you can successfully apply it to your studies straight away. Student Essentials: Critical Thinking – in one hour is packed full of jargon-free advice, step-be-step guidance and useful summaries to help you really get to grips with every element of critical thinking and analysis. Checklists and exercises ensure you tackle each stage of critical thinking head on and develop your skills from analysis and evaluation to constructing sound arguments and weighing up evidence.

Learn the critical thinking essential toolkit quickly and apply it to all areas of your study, including:
What is critical thinking? – the principles and essentials for study
Analytical skills – improve your technique when reading and note taking
Evaluating evidence – get to grips with arguments, counter claims and credibility
Building arguments – using evidence, secondary resources and examples effectively
Key tools – use the checklists and exercises to master every stage of critical thinking

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