Student Essentials: Dissertation
Student Essentials: Dissertation

Student Essentials: Dissertation

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ISBN: 9781844554201

Students! Want top marks in your dissertation? Learn the core skills for dissertation writing...

Student Essentials: Dissertation – in one hour gives you all the essential skills you need when planning and writing a dissertation for your degree. Taking you step-by-step through every stage, helping you develop and apply core dissertation skills quickly to really boost your approach and essay execution. Student Essentials: Dissertation – in one hour is packed full of jargon-free, practical advice to help you really get to grips with every element of your dissertation or are looking to refine your essay and assessment skills. Checklists and exercises ensure you tackle each stage of your dissertation head-on and develop key skills for dissertation success, from getting started and developing your structure to refining your essay skills and making sure your bibliography and references are complete.

Get the essential toolkit to your degree dissertation, including:
Getting started – defining your research, structure and title
Researching your dissertation – resources, mind-set and useful tips to get you through
Analysing and assessment – develop a sound argument and successfully analyse your research
Writing your dissertation – refine your essay writing skills when writing up
Presentation and appendices – bibliographies, references and how to present your work
Key tools – use the checklists and exercises to master every stage of your dissertation

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