You're Hired: Psychometric Tests

You're Hired: Psychometric Tests

Ceri Roderick & James Meachin
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ISBN: 9781844552306

Are you intimidated by the prospect of psychometric tests at your interview?

They are being used increasingly often by recruiters to distinguish the top candidates for a job. This unique guide is written by psychologists who specialise in the recruitment process so they understand exactly what psychometric tests are for and how you can tackle them successfully.

Packed with practice questions, sample tests, tips and accurate advice you can be reassured that it will equip you to handle any test thrown at you with confidence and ease; whether you’re a first or second jobber, career-changer or coming back into work after a career break. The You’re Hired! series shows job hunters how to research, apply for and land the job of their dreams.

Published: 15 March 2010